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Heading out? Here's a simple checklist to help you get ready to hit the water.

☐ Fill your fuel tanks

With the boat having been out of the water for a while, it pays to replace old fuel with clean, fresh fuel and check the hose connections. Here's some more info.

☐ Charge those batteries

Are they good to go? Terminals clean and connections all tight? Find out all you need to know from our mates at Century Batteries.

☐ Turn the motor over

Give your engine(s) a start, check that there are no blockages and that everything works just as it should.

☐ Check your local marine weather

See what’s going on out there before you hit the water– it’s quick and easy with the Coastguard App. Free for download from Google Play and the App Store.

☐ Untangle your tackle

☐ Check your lifejackets

Self-service your inflatable lifejackets and check your foam jackets for wear and tear. Have you got enough lifejackets for all your mates that are lining up to get out there with you?

Check out our other video about how to re-arm your inflatable lifejacket.

☐ Lube your rod and reel sets

☐ Got your two forms of communication ready to go?

VHF charged and working? It’s simple and easy to do a radio check with us from home - just call Coastguard Radio on your local Coastguard VHF channel and request a radio check.

☐ Be kind at the boat ramp

Everyone is likely to be a little rusty reversing! Have patience, and be kind.

☐ Grab your Membership

If you haven’t got one already, make sure your Coastguard Membership is up to date. For only $115 you’ve got peace of mind getting your pride and joy back out there with free assists for when things don’t quite go to plan.

Here's some extra tips and info to make sure you're ready to hit the water.

Boatie's Best Mate.

Get a Coastguard membership today for peace of mind when you’re out boating.