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Here are the answers to the quiz on page 11 of your Membership Information booklet - did you get all 5 right?

You are the give way vessel and the recommended action is to turn to starboard and pass astern of the other vessel.

Remember LIFES:
L = Lifejackets: put them on, if not already being worn
I = Investigate the problem
F = Fix the problem if possible – repair the damage, bail out the water, beach the boat
E = Emit a distress signal – Mayday on VHF or any other signal
S = Stay with the boat

(a) Within 200m of shore,
(b) Within 200m of any vessel flying the “A” (Diver’s) flag,
(c) Within 50m of any other vessel, whether it is underway or moored,
(d) Within 50m of any person in the water, or
(e) On a power vessel if any person has any part of their body outside the rails or edge of the deck.

Your starboard, or right hand side.

White all-round masthead light. Lights must be switched on from sunset to sunrise and in rain or foggy conditions. If the vessel is underway, travelling more than 7kn then it should display red (showing the port side), green (for the starboard side) and white (all-round masthead) lights.

How did you do?

Did you get all 5 right? Did any make you stop and think?

If you didn't get all 5 answers, or even if you did, there's always more to learn.

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