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It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure our marine environment is protected for the next generation.

As boaties this means that we need to think about what goes into the water when we’re out there – if you don’t you can be fined and prosecuted, and no one wants that. Here are three easy ways to keep yourself out of trouble and our marine environment clean.

Your rubbish

Make sure you dispose of your waste safely – generally this means taking everything you took with you (except bait) back home when you’re done. Don’t let any plastic get into the water, you’ve heard the stat that soon there will be more pieces of plastic than fish in the ocean!

Your engine

Make sure your engine doesn’t leak oil or fuel and the bilge is kept clean of oil. Take care when refuelling if you’re doing this over the water – oil and water don’t mix! If you see an oil spill, report it to your local authority or council.

Your hull

If your boat lives in the water then antifouling paint is great for keeping the creepy crawlies at bay, but it’s toxic to the marine environment and isn’t great for humans either. If you’re using it make sure wear protective gear and ensure no paint or paint scrapings gets into the water. Your boat should also get a regular clean out of the water to minimise the spread of marine pests. Check out your local Boat Haul Out and Hardstands that offer proper drainage facilities to deal with toxic waste. A dirty hull may also mean you run the risk of being turned away from a marina - not the way to end a day!


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