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Coastguard have teamed up with Wireless Nation to bring members a great discount on broadband and mobile. It’s for everyone, whatever your lifestyle 

Kiwi owned and operated 

Wireless Nation are an innovative internet and mobile service provider, providing a range of network solutions at home, on the road, on the water and on your mobile. They understand the needs of boaties and are the experts in wireless connectivity. Voted ‘Best Wireless Service Provider’ in both 2021 and 2020 at the NZ Compare Broadband and Power Awards, you can be sure that they’ll sort you out with the best solution for your lifestyle. 




Whenever you travel you can take your portable WiFi with you! Simply unplug it from the power at home and plug it into your boat, bach or vehicle. Use it year-round or just over the summer. Coastguard Members have exclusive access to special pricing on the plans below.

Coastguard Member Discount  

Coastguard members receive a discount on the powerful 4G Modem and access to the Coastguard exclusive plans below.   

Exclusive Coastguard Plans


With over 1,750 wireless towers located across the country you can be sure that Wireless Nation will have you covered whether you’re in the city, fishing at sea, or on holiday at the bach. You can check out the coverage map here.

12-24V Adapter (optional)

The powerful modem comes with a 230/240V to 12-24V wall plug for mains power. If you want to run the modem off your 12v vehicle socket you can buy our 12-24V Adapter add-on for $69.90 – this will keep the modem safe from voltage spikes.

The modem uses very little power:
Maximum power: 12V-2A; 24 Whr
Nominal power: 12V-0.5A; 6Whr

Signup is easy

  1. Click on the sign up button for the plan you want  
  2. Fill in your details, including your membership number, and make payment
  3. Your modem will be shipped within a couple of working days 
  4. Follow the modem set up instructions and you’re all connected!

I want to know more

If you'd like to find out more about this offer please call Wireless Nation on 0800 101 143 or email them on [email protected] 


You can get it all with Coastguard Mobile. Wireless Nation provide great coverage, a seamless switch, and features like WiFi calling. 

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of staying connected on the go with Coastguard Mobile. With nationwide coverage using the Spark network, crystal-clear call quality, and a great range of features like “WiFi Calling” to improve your mobile experience. There are no long-term contracts and you can cancel your plan with 30 days’ notice, so you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to use your phone the way you want.

Coastguard Member Benefits 

Because we’ve teamed up with Wireless Nation, we’ve secured a $5 discount per month for Coastguard members. Wireless Nation also contribute annually to Coastguard and help us in our work saving lives on the water so it’s a win-win!

Coastguard Mobile Plans

Seamless Switch 

Wireless Nation make switching simple. It’s super easy and you don’t need to change your current mobile number, just switch out your SIM card and you’re good to go. 

One provider = one bill 

Pay with just one bill by bundling your WiFI and mobile phone plan. This means you’ll also have a single point of contact for help.

WiFi Calling 

Heard of WiFI Calling? You can make and receive cellphone calls via WiFi across NZ, even when you have a weak or no mobile signal. Learn more. 

Kiwi Customer Service 

Wireless Nation don’t outsource their call centres and you can be assured they don’t use robots either, just helpful Kiwis a phone call away! 

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