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Check your fuel before summer

If your boat has been laid up over winter, now’s a good time to check over it before you head back out. 

beautiful NZ weather

Things to check before you hit the water

Make sure you kick off your boat trip smoothly, by checking these key things every time you head out.

fuel gauge on a boat

Top 10 tips for boat maintenance

Check out our top 10 recommendations to keep your boat in tip top condition at all times.


What you need on your boat

Here's the Coastguard approved list of what you should have on your vessel when you head out.

Buccanneer boat

When to check your gear through the year

Here's a handy checklist for when it comes to checking the gear aboard your boat.

Boatie's Best Mate.

Get a Coastguard membership today for peace of mind when you’re out boating.